Karla deRange (obscenewhispers) wrote in vampire_tavern,
Karla deRange


I am a despot: My mom is a milf.
Chris and Zuzka: No.
Chris and Zuzka: She's not a MILF.
Chris and Zuzka: She's a MOAF.
NocturnaIRequiem: ?????
Mental Blasphemy: ...?
obituaryhistory: ?
Mental Blasphemy: ...
Chris and Zuzka: Mother I already fucked. :|
I am a despot: .
obituaryhistory: Oh.
obituaryhistory: good one chris
obituaryhistory: -.-
Chris and Zuzka: Thx.\
Mental Blasphemy: ...yeah with the O in there so it makes no sense
Chris and Zuzka: Can I get a golf clap?
obituaryhistory: ROFL KARLA
obituaryhistory: ROOOOOFL
Chris and Zuzka: O.
Mental Blasphemy: ::snicker::
Chris and Zuzka: MIAF,
obituaryhistory: OMFG
obituaryhistory: Rofl
I am a despot: The O stands for the sound she was making.
Chris and Zuzka: Just now realized I hit the O.
Chris and Zuzka: Yes.
obituaryhistory: Chris is the new blonde
obituaryhistory: I retire
Chris and Zuzka: Exactly.
I am a despot: When I was hilting myself in her cervix.
Chris and Zuzka: The O = Her O face
Chris and Zuzka: O
Mental Blasphemy: lol
I am a despot: Where you used to live.
Chris and Zuzka: O
Chris and Zuzka: O
Shdes 0f Grey: I retire, too.
obituaryhistory: uh huh
obituaryhistory: you see that Sean?
Shdes 0f Grey: I saw it, man.
obituaryhistory: MOAF= Mother I already fucked
I am a despot: I was redecorating your old living space.
obituaryhistory: Rofl
Shdes 0f Grey: Chris, you just bought the blond farm.
I am a despot: i.e. your mother's womb
Mental Blasphemy: ::snicker::
Chris and Zuzka: STFU
Shdes 0f Grey: rofl
Chris and Zuzka: WTF?
Mental Blasphemy: ::grin::
obituaryhistory: lol
Chris and Zuzka: Who the fuck is Sostabad
obituaryhistory: That was awesome karla
Chris and Zuzka: Fucker stole my ROFLMMFNGRAO.
Chris and Zuzka: That shit.
Chris and Zuzka: Is MINE.
I am a despot: I think Sostubad is hilarious.
Mental Blasphemy: thanks
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