Monkey (kleptofreak) wrote in vampire_tavern,

On the subject of balls..

I am a despot: Not really.
I am a despot: I kind of wish I didn't have them.
Mental Blasphemy: lol
I am a despot: So I could rut with impunity.
Ductus Gage: A good jack hammer operater ALWAYS checks his support valves before going to work...
I am a despot: And I wouldn't have to put the icing on the abdomen.
Ductus Gage: Oh yeah.
A Mikey Moment: Yeah, they get in the way and when you are hunched over, it reminds me of those mudflaps on the back of trucks..
I am a despot: If you catch my meaning.
Mental Blasphemy: ROFL
Mental Blasphemy: mudd flaps
Mental Blasphemy: -dies-
Ms Katness: .... what a conversation.. -blink-
I am a despot: Ha, ha.
A Mikey Moment: -snickers-
I am a despot: Mud flaps.
Mental Blasphemy: flaps
A Mikey Moment: Yeah, it is..
Mental Blasphemy: omg
Mental Blasphemy: that word
I am a despot: Are you from Mississippi?
Mental Blasphemy: is just like
Ductus Gage: .... LOL
A Mikey Moment: -dies-
Mental Blasphemy: too much
heart crashed: xoxo; ·•· auto random ·•· skycamefalling -- to forever embrace the sun
Mental Blasphemy: xD
OnlineHost: Gravitys PulI has entered the room.
A Mikey Moment: This should go in the journal..
Mental Blasphemy: omg
I am a despot: Mud flaps.
Mental Blasphemy: -deep breath-
I am a despot: Ha, ha.
Mental Blasphemy: oh mannn
I am a despot: That's tight. am a despot: I want to get a Tweety Bird on my mud flaps.
A Mikey Moment: ...
A Mikey Moment: Dude, no inking your giggleberries
OnlineHost: Ultima Sefirosu has entered the room.
Ductus Gage: That's right... honey... it's christmas and I just got you brand new pair of "Taz'n Me" mudflaps for your F350....
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