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Well, since the break up of the Vampire Tavern, it seems everyone has left the AOL scene. I wanted to let anyone know that is still around, I wanted to let them know I'm still around and just chillin` out here in Iraq.

I talked to Elise a few weeks back, she's off and getting married sometime...Lisha is still doing well for herself, I talked to Becca a while ago, she seems like she's doing real well with college, and that's about it.

Karla, Sean, Lucky and the rest of the crew seemed to have chased off. Oh! Lucky is actually getting his new apartment, if he hasn't done so already. Danny recently updated his Live Journal and I made sure I said "What up". I haven't heard from Karla really since her last update about Valentine's Day but I can image she is doing okay. I really miss her alot. I've seen Flong poking about ever so often, but haven't had the time to say hello. I know he's off on a better job than his last, and I think he may be working less hours.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up.

Hope to hear from the silent ones soon enough.
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