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Anyone else confused?

Callisto is Back: [this is a rp room..and there will be peeps rping in it whether you like it or not..trust that]
echoes of harlot: you always seem to talk when no one's around to listen..
Callisto is Back: [yadda yadda...blah blah...are you speaking to me?]
echoes of harlot: -shrug-
Callisto is Back: [that's what I thought..go back to stealing from your mother..k?..k]
echoes of harlot: Doesnt matter, just commenting.
echoes of harlot: Ooo.. big talk.
Callisto is Back: [yes..big..lol]
echoes of harlot: From such a simple mind, I wonder how that works.
Callisto is Back: [simple?..hmm..I am so complex you can't fathom the intricacy of my mind, now..enough of your ignorance have a real job unlike you whiners..lol]
Callisto is Back: [<3 ]
echoes of harlot: It's funny.. because that sentence made no sense.
Callisto is Back: [yes to such a feeble one, that would be expected]
echoes of harlot: Oh please, go back to being silent.
Callisto is Back: [lol oh please get a boyfriend]
echoes of harlot: ... who says I don't?
echoes of harlot: And what does that have to do with anything?
echoes of harlot: Does having a boyfriend somehow give a purpose to my life?
echoes of harlot: Is that what you perceive a relationship to be?
Callisto is Back: [so sad, my heart aches for you.]
OnlineHost: Callisto is Back has left the room.
OnlineHost: Callisto is Back has entered the room.
echoes of harlot: Because... of.. what?
echoes of harlot: You're trying to run circles around me but all you're doing is chasing your own tail.
Callisto is Back: [LOL..right..that's why your all huffed up]
Callisto is Back: [well ta ta]
echoes of harlot: I'm huffed up? Right. I'm calmly getting ready to go, and yet you're the one making sad comments about boyfriends.
OnlineHost: Iick growl bite has left the room.
echoes of harlot: You're about as complicated as a postage stamp kid.

And she thinks she won??? Someone explain what just happened...
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