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(I have SARS.)

[31 Dec 2016|03:42am]

Miss you all ♡

(I have SARS.)

Oh [23 Dec 2015|03:01am]

it's Sean, btw. Holy....fuck.

(I have SARS.)

Well..... [23 Dec 2015|02:59am]

10 years later?

(I have SARS.)

. . . [27 May 2010|12:46am]

. . I miss you guys. .

(I gave 2 people have SARS <> I have SARS.)

[29 Dec 2006|09:20pm]



(I have SARS.)

[30 Jun 2006|03:25am]

Yeah, I miss this place as well. Good times, good times. =/

Some of the best evenings I have has was staying up all night bullshitting with you guys.

Miss you. </3

(I gave 3 people have SARS <> I have SARS.)

[09 Apr 2005|03:01pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Well, since the break up of the Vampire Tavern, it seems everyone has left the AOL scene. I wanted to let anyone know that is still around, I wanted to let them know I'm still around and just chillin` out here in Iraq.

I talked to Elise a few weeks back, she's off and getting married sometime...Lisha is still doing well for herself, I talked to Becca a while ago, she seems like she's doing real well with college, and that's about it.

Karla, Sean, Lucky and the rest of the crew seemed to have chased off. Oh! Lucky is actually getting his new apartment, if he hasn't done so already. Danny recently updated his Live Journal and I made sure I said "What up". I haven't heard from Karla really since her last update about Valentine's Day but I can image she is doing okay. I really miss her alot. I've seen Flong poking about ever so often, but haven't had the time to say hello. I know he's off on a better job than his last, and I think he may be working less hours.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up.

Hope to hear from the silent ones soon enough.

(I gave 1 people have SARS <> I have SARS.)

[27 Nov 2004|02:58pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey there. This journal is a friends-only RP journal (my "real" journal is real_live_troll), but I thought I'd use this one to post here. The VT seems pretty empty lately... any reasons?

I recently created the community medieval_tavern for all the AOL medieval-ish rpers out there... just thought I'd get the word out. I put a little promo in for this place on the info page. If this post isn't welcome, let me know and I'll delete it. Happy RPing.

(I have SARS.)

Oi... [03 Nov 2004|01:15pm]

Hiro3587 [1:10 PM]: ((Hi, wanna rp?))
echoes of harlot [1:10 PM]: nope
Hiro3587 [1:10 PM]: why?
echoes of harlot [1:10 PM]: because I don't play anymore?
Hiro3587 [1:10 PM]: i'm not an idiot
echoes of harlot [1:11 PM]: ..... i didn't say you were?
Hiro3587 [1:12 PM]: you were in a rp chat
echoes of harlot [1:12 PM]: No, I'm not.
Hiro3587 [1:12 PM]: you were
echoes of harlot [1:13 PM]: No, I wasn't
echoes of harlot [1:13 PM]: Now shoo
Hiro3587 [1:13 PM]: you freaking lier
echoes of harlot [1:13 PM]: ...
Hiro3587 [1:13 PM]: I looked into vampire tavern
Hiro3587 [1:13 PM]: thats how I got your sn
echoes of harlot [1:13 PM]: That's not an RP chat.
echoes of harlot [1:13 PM]: Now, shoo
Hiro3587 [1:13 PM]: yeah it is you looser
echoes of harlot [1:14 PM]: loser* and no, it's not

(I have SARS.)

Anyone else confused? [27 Oct 2004|02:00pm]

Because I sure as hell am...Collapse )

(I gave 1 people have SARS <> I have SARS.)

[21 Oct 2004|10:50am]

The Tavern has been reclaimed =D

(I have SARS.)

xD [13 Apr 2004|05:21pm]
[ mood | hyper ]







(I have SARS.)

[17 Mar 2004|06:22am]

[ mood | awake ]

Name: Lucky D
Age: 25
Location: Memphrica, TN
Time RPing: 15 Years
Online RP: 10 Years
Time in VT: 6 In
Years away from VT: 4 Out
Still a RP loser?: What's the point anymore?

(I gave 1 people have SARS <> I have SARS.)

HA HA HA!! [17 Mar 2004|06:15am]

Hey everybody, It's me, Lucky D. . . .for those not aware or even remember who I am. . . some call me Loki. . . others just remember me as the character that use to raise hell in the VT known as Cameron T. Diablo. . . .but hey. . . . I'm old. . .so if you little young bastards don't remember me that's fine. . . .some of you do and I was just saying hey hey hey to Karla, Becca, J, and anyone else who I may know in this community thing we have going on here..

Your Lord and Master


(I have SARS.)

[26 Dec 2003|10:26pm]

[ mood | amused ]

...camera talk leads to Freudian slips? You be the judge.

Very DeLish: Yeah. Mine's cool because it burns the pictures to mini dicks.
Very DeLish: ....!
Very DeLish: discs*

(I have SARS.)

humor... [03 Dec 2003|12:18am]

I am a despot: My mom is a milf.
Chris and Zuzka: No.
Chris and Zuzka: She's not a MILF.
Chris and Zuzka: She's a MOAF.
NocturnaIRequiem: ?????
Mental Blasphemy: ...?
obituaryhistory: ?
Mental Blasphemy: ...
Chris and Zuzka: Mother I already fucked. :|
I am a despot: .
obituaryhistory: Oh.
obituaryhistory: good one chris
obituaryhistory: -.-
Chris and Zuzka: Thx.\
Mental Blasphemy: ...yeah with the O in there so it makes no sense
Chris and Zuzka: Can I get a golf clap?
obituaryhistory: ROFL KARLA
obituaryhistory: ROOOOOFL
Chris and Zuzka: O.
Mental Blasphemy: ::snicker::
Chris and Zuzka: MIAF,
obituaryhistory: OMFG
obituaryhistory: Rofl
I am a despot: The O stands for the sound she was making.
Chris and Zuzka: Just now realized I hit the O.
Chris and Zuzka: Yes.
obituaryhistory: Chris is the new blonde
obituaryhistory: I retire
Chris and Zuzka: Exactly.
I am a despot: When I was hilting myself in her cervix.
Chris and Zuzka: The O = Her O face
Chris and Zuzka: O
Mental Blasphemy: lol
I am a despot: Where you used to live.
Chris and Zuzka: O
Chris and Zuzka: O
Shdes 0f Grey: I retire, too.
obituaryhistory: uh huh
obituaryhistory: you see that Sean?
Shdes 0f Grey: I saw it, man.
obituaryhistory: MOAF= Mother I already fucked
I am a despot: I was redecorating your old living space.
obituaryhistory: Rofl
Shdes 0f Grey: Chris, you just bought the blond farm.
I am a despot: i.e. your mother's womb
Mental Blasphemy: ::snicker::
Chris and Zuzka: STFU
Shdes 0f Grey: rofl
Chris and Zuzka: WTF?
Mental Blasphemy: ::grin::
obituaryhistory: lol
Chris and Zuzka: Who the fuck is Sostabad
obituaryhistory: That was awesome karla
Chris and Zuzka: Fucker stole my ROFLMMFNGRAO.
Chris and Zuzka: That shit.
Chris and Zuzka: Is MINE.
I am a despot: I think Sostubad is hilarious.
Mental Blasphemy: thanks

(I gave 1 people have SARS <> I have SARS.)

On the subject of balls.. [24 Nov 2003|12:19am]

I am a despot: Not really.
I am a despot: I kind of wish I didn't have them.
Mental Blasphemy: lol
I am a despot: So I could rut with impunity.
Ductus Gage: A good jack hammer operater ALWAYS checks his support valves before going to work...
I am a despot: And I wouldn't have to put the icing on the abdomen.
Ductus Gage: Oh yeah.
A Mikey Moment: Yeah, they get in the way and when you are hunched over, it reminds me of those mudflaps on the back of trucks..
I am a despot: If you catch my meaning.
Mental Blasphemy: ROFL
Mental Blasphemy: mudd flaps
Mental Blasphemy: -dies-
Ms Katness: .... what a conversation.. -blink-
I am a despot: Ha, ha.
A Mikey Moment: -snickers-
I am a despot: Mud flaps.
Mental Blasphemy: flaps
A Mikey Moment: Yeah, it is..
Mental Blasphemy: omg
Mental Blasphemy: that word
I am a despot: Are you from Mississippi?
Mental Blasphemy: is just like
Ductus Gage: .... LOL
A Mikey Moment: -dies-
Mental Blasphemy: too much
heart crashed: xoxo; ·•· auto random ·•· skycamefalling -- to forever embrace the sun
Mental Blasphemy: xD
OnlineHost: Gravitys PulI has entered the room.
A Mikey Moment: This should go in the journal..
Mental Blasphemy: omg
I am a despot: Mud flaps.
Mental Blasphemy: -deep breath-
I am a despot: Ha, ha.
Mental Blasphemy: oh mannn
I am a despot: That's tight. am a despot: I want to get a Tweety Bird on my mud flaps.
A Mikey Moment: ...
A Mikey Moment: Dude, no inking your giggleberries
OnlineHost: Ultima Sefirosu has entered the room.
Ductus Gage: That's right... honey... it's christmas and I just got you brand new pair of "Taz'n Me" mudflaps for your F350....

(I have SARS.)

[07 Nov 2003|10:41pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Name: Chas
Age: 20
Location: New Joisey
Time RPing: 4 years
Online RP: 4 years
Time in VT: 4 years
Years away from VT: uhmmm none.
Still a RP loser?: HELL YEAH!.

(I have SARS.)

[06 Nov 2003|01:29am]

[ mood | cold ]

Name: Mikey
Age: 21
Location: North Carolina
Time RPing: 7 years
Online RP: 6 years
Time in VT: 5 years
Years away from VT: None.
Still a RP loser?: Hardcore.

(I have SARS.)

[05 Nov 2003|05:07pm]

Name: Danny
Age: 18
Location: Hawaii
Time RPing: 6 years
Online RP: 6 years
Time in VT: 2-3 years
Years away from VT: Zip.
Still a RP loser?: Very much so

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